Friday, January 14, 2011

Lamar Teddy Joined Our Logo Design Office

Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly. Lamar Teddy has recently joined our logo design office as a designer and I tell you, he is a really cool person.

What makes him so cool? I don’t know. I am just saying because I want to help end his pain.

You may ask: what pain? Let me tell you what happened…

I went to cafeteria to get some water and noticed that Billy Boy, Ars Alan Jr., Newbie and Lamar Teddy were already there, sitting and talking. So, I walked towards them and asked, “What’s up folks? What’s going on?”

Billy Boy said, “Nothing mate. It’s just that Lamar Teddy wasn’t feeling well, so we thought we would just sit here and help him relax.”

I felt sorry for Lamar Teddy. So, I asked, “What happened? You have fever or something?”

Instead of him, Ars Alan Jr. replied, “No, it’s not that. He is just having this problem that… what problem is he having Billy Boy?”

Billy Boy stared at him and said, “I thought you came here to help, but you don’t even know what is going on here. Why don’t you go back and do your work?”

Ars Alan Jr. looked embarrassed and Newbie started laughing (Yes, the same weird laugh), “HayHay HayHay Haha Haha…” (Yes, he moved his head too while laughing with his eyes wide open)

I realized that situation could get worse for Lamar Teddy, so as I am a nice person I thought I should work with Billy Boy to help him.

I asked Newbie and Ars Alan Jr. to return to their seats as Sunny was looking for them.

Ars Alan Jr. said, “Yes, I need to complete this very important task today…what task is that Newbie?”

Newbie replied, “You have to take your medicine on time today… HayHay HayHay Haha Haha…”

Ars Alan Jr. looked at him angrily and said, “You just zip it boy.”

…And then they walked out of the cafeteria.

I sat with Lamar Teddy and asked him, “What’s up mate? You look tense. Is everything ok at home?”

Lamar Teddy replied, “Yes, everything is fine at home. It’s just that my friends are telling me that I shouldn’t have joined this office.”

I was surprised to hear that and Billy Boy almost screamed, “Whaattt? Who told you that and why? This is the coolest place on Earth man.”

Lamar Teddy took a really deep breath and said, “Actually, after I joined this office a few days ago, I have only been spending money here and haven’t made any money yet. This is why everyone is discouraging me.”

I felt sorry for him.

I asked, “Can you elaborate on what you mean by only spending money here?”

He replied, “You know all new-comers were throwing a party, so I thought about chipping in too. Then right after that money was collected to buy a gift, so I opened my wallet again. Then just yesterday morning as I was driving to work, I got into an accident, so I had to get my car fixed too. This is why my friends are telling me that I have only been spending money here and not making any.”

I realized the severity of the issue.

I said, “Listen Lamar Teddy, when juniors were throwing the party, you got involved willingly even though I was totally against it, you know that. You should not have chipped in that time. Later, when the money was collected for the gift, it was again for those who wanted to contribute willingly, no one was forcing, you know that. Lastly, you need some driving lessons pal. You can’t blame the office for that.”

Lamar again took a really deep breath and said, “Yes, you are 100% right. I did it all willingly and the accident was not the fault of our office. It’s just that I couldn’t explain all this to my friends and they kept putting pressure on me, so I got nervous. I’ll tell them tonight that what had happened actually.”

Billy Boy said, “Well, it seems like your problem has been resolved and you are all set.”

Lamar Teddy looked at me and said, “Yes, I feel relaxed and cool now. I want to thank you for helping me out. You are a very nice person. I can get back to work now peacefully. Thank you again.”

I said, “Mention not Lamar Teddy. I am always here to help. I am glad you are cool now.”

We then got up and went back to our department.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Award in Our Logo Design Office

Before I share this story with you all, I need to tell you that it’s not a real award. We had a discussion and at the end of the discussion S.Z. said, “…the award goes to…” So, let’s not take this award thing literally.

Now, here is what happened in our logo design office.

After lunch, I went to my department and noticed that all the associates were sitting in a circle and talking. As soon as they saw me, they stopped talking.

The first thought that should have come to my mind was that they were planning to pull a prank or do something evil, but as I am a nice person this negative thought didn’t come to my mind.

I said, “Wus up? What’s good in the hood? Why you all are quiet now?”

S.Z. said, “Well, we were discussing that who is the most helpful person in our logo design office and we realized that you have helped a lot of people here.”

S.Z. continued, “I can’t forget how you helped save my engagement and how you provided couselling from time to time. I am really thankful to you.”

Sunny said, “I can’t forget how you helped me on my first day at work by telling Mr. Right to be quiet. I am also thankful to S.Z. for not letting me bump my head into the wall. You also helped me when I suffered from bachelor-o-phobia. You are indeed the nicest person here.”

Billy Boy said, “I must mention your great favors as well. You had really helped me out when you had told me to meditate as my dedication at work was badly affecting my personal life. I don’t have words to thank you.”

Ars Alan said, “I am really thankful to you because I hated the fact that S.Z. was jealous of me as I was getting married before him. You told him how there were other people too who were unmarried. Your counselling was wonderful.”

Ana said, “I was really sad after getting Jane’s harsh comments on my work. I am really thankful that you didn’t mind that my work was not up to the mark and did it yourself. I really appreciate it.”

Ars Alan Jr. said, “I still remember the day when I had injured my knee and you had given me a ride and dropped me off…close to my home. It was very nice of you.”

Maria said, “I want to thank you for exposing those people who wanted you to write a bad, bad post about me. I am really thankful.”

When Maria said that, Newbie laughed with his teeth out and head moving right and left, “Hayhay Hayhay Haha Haha...”

Then Newbie said, “You give me a ride everyday. You are really a nice person. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Zee Shake happened to be there as well. He said, “I also want to thank you for taking me to the hospital when I had broken my fingers. Thank you very much.”

As I am a nice person, I just couldn’t take it anymore… So, I said, “Come on folks! What happened to you all today? It is my responsibility to help out my colleagues. I didn’t do anything extraordinary. So, please stop thanking me like this.”

S.Z. said, “I am going to send a request to Ms. Ann in HR for an award, because the award goes to…you.”

I said, “Listen S.Z. I don’t need an award for helping out my colleagues. So, let’s end this conversation and let’s get back to work.”

So…The meeting ended and I was glad that my counselling was always helpful.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Gossip in Our Logo Design Office

As I walked-in, I saw everyone gossiping. I wondered what happened, so I asked, “What’s up? No work today?”

Billy Boy said, “Network is down and will be back up again in half an hour. So, we are just having a chitchat.”

I went to my seat and turned on the computer.

Sunny Said, “Hey Billy Boy…You’ve got to stop calling me so late. 1 a.m. is not a good time at all.”

I turned around and looked at Billy Boy. I noticed that everyone was looking at Billy Boy.

S.Z. said, “1 a.m.????? Why were you up so late?”

Billy Boy said, “Actually, I didn’t feel like sleeping, so I just went online and started checking our ranking. I got so excited after seeing the ranking of one of our sites that I just picked up the phone and called Sunny.”

I said, “You checked the ranking at 1 a.m.?”

Billy Boy said, “Well, that’s nothing. One night I saw our site in dream and I woke up at 4 a.m. I had a good dream so I turned on the computer and checked the ranking, but I didn’t call Sunny that night.”

Sunny stared at Billy Boy and then said, “Thank you very much!”

I felt sorry for Billy Boy, but as I am a nice person I didn’t say anything.

Ars Alan was there and he always wants to come up with something new and unique.

So, considering Billy Boy’s act as a good thing, he said, “Well! That’s nothing. I checked the ranking on my wedding day on the stage using my BlackBerry.”

Ars Alan really took pride in saying that.

We all looked at Ars Alan and kept looking for a few seconds without blinking our eyes.

Ars Alan Jr. looked calm and he had a smile on his face as though he had achieved something really big.

He said, “That’s nothing. I check the ranking every night from home before going to sleep.”

Sunny took a deep breath and said, “I can’t annouce a winner. You all are winners. Bravo!”

Then…Newbie came to me and whispered, “Hey, why don’t you write something about Maria?”

Ana heard him and said, “Yes, you never wrote anything about her. She just joined our logo design office and you should definitely write something.”

I said, “Well, S.Z. and Billy Boy have already asked me, but I have nothing to write. However, you are welcome to write a guest post.”

Newbie said, “I can help you if you need an idea.”

I asked him how.

Newbie replied, “You know she drives to work. I’ll just take a needle and puncture one of her car tyres. That will be so tight. She will wonder what to do, how to change the flat tyre and how to go home. Then, you will have something to write about.”

Newbie then launged with all his teeth out of his mouth, “Hayhay Hayhay Haha Haha...” He also moved his head while laughing.

Yes…His laugh is weird, totally weird.

As I am a nice person, I don’t like when people bother others.

So, I said to Newbie, “Listen, if you look evil, then it doesn’t mean you should act evil as well. You need to stop acting like that. Don’t bother others. It’s not good.”

As soon as I completed my sentence, S.Z. made an announcement, “Everyone…The network is up. So, let’s get back to work.”

So…Everyone stopped gossiping and we began the work.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let’s Welcome Newbie in Our Logo Design Office

Remember I told you guys about some tragedies in our logo design office a few days ago? Well, we can now see happiness around us, thanks to our new colleague Newbie (Yes, his name is Newbie). He is very lively.

Sunny provided an unbiased opinion / case study about Newbie.

According to Sunny, “The way Newbie laughs with all his teeth out, he looks more like a clown to me than a Marketing Expert. I believe he has a brighter future in Circus than Marketing.”

According to Billy Boy, “Newbie’s hair style reminds me of my favorite… …” Billy Boy couldn’t complete his sentence as the tears came out of his eyes. He then pulled out his wallet, took out a picture and showed it to me.

I was astonished to see the picture. Billy Boy’s friend (or whatever) had the same hair style as Newbie (S.Z. too once had the same hair style).

Here it is:


Billy Boy sadly said, “I was in love with my little hen. But, one day, hunger took over and I ended up eating it. Now, when I see Newbie, he reminds me of my little hen.”

Let’s hope Billy Body doesn’t slaughter Newbie one day.

According to Ars Alan Jr., “Newbie makes me laugh all the time. Whenever he talks about car racing, I feel like laughing. He doesn’t know what kind of vicious driver I am. I can beat him anytime. He has challenged me to race this Sunday, but I won’t go. I don’t want him to get into an accident and hurt himself. He is funny… hahahaha…”

So, as we can see, Newbie has brought happiness here.

When Sunny sees Newbie, Sunny smiles.
When Billy Boy sees Newbie, he looks at his hair with love as a mother would see her little infant with love and care.
When Ars Alan Jr. sees him, he laughs.

But…How in the world did Newbie manage to make the saddest manager in the world (no other than S.Z.) happy?

Well, I had to play my role for this.

S.Z. was sad as usual and what made him sadder that others were now happy. So, as he knows that I am a nice person, he came to me to get some advice.

S.Z. said, “Ever since Newbie joined, everyone is happy here. How can I feel happy? I am not happy at all?” He was really sad when he said that.

I said, “Listen S.Z., as you are the manager here, don’t you want the jobs of your subordinates to be secure?”

S.Z. said, “Yes, of course. But why are you saying this?”

I said, “Newbie has done you a big favor and you should be happy.”

S.Z. was startled to hear that. He said, “What are you talking about? Come on, tell me what’s up?”

I said, “Listen S.Z., yesterday, I gave newbie a ride to his home. On our way to his place he told me that he was asked to join office on the 15th of November, but he refused and said that he’d join from the 1st of December.”

S.Z. said, “Yes, I know that. But, where is the favor? He had refused to accept my offer.”

I said, “There was a big reason why he had refused it. In the past, for some unknown reasons, he joined three offices on the 15th and all those offices got closed down within 3 months. This is why he didn’t join our logo design office on the 15th. So, you should be happy for what he has done for you and us.”

S.Z. was speechless.

After a few seconds’ silence, S.Z. said, “I knew you’d help me out somehow. You are very kind and nice. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

I said, “Mention not S.Z. Let’s get back to work now.”

After a few minutes, when I looked around I noticed that everyone was smiling and looking at Newbie after every few seconds. I am glad to see my colleagues so happy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Tragedies in Our Logo Design Office

I just want to say one thing, “O My Goodness Gracious! What is going on here?”

Why did I say this? Well, because we have been witnessing some tragedies in our very own logo design office.

I could never expect that so many of my colleagues will face some serious problems at the same time. Now, I don’t want to talk about our Asst. Manager S.Z. here because he always has some sort of problem. I think we all should call him ‘Sad’ all the time. Or, since he is sad most of the time, we should make the word longer and call him ‘Saad’ to at least try to understand his anguish.

However, I say, he is a man of honor. He respects people who speak the truth. For example, whenever I share his painful story with the world, he never feels bad, but, in fact, he appreciates it.

One day, he said, “Hey, thanks for sharing my stories. I hope people do pray for me.”

I don’t think if anyone has time to pray for S.Z. But, as I am a nice person, I never said this to him.

Oh well… I didn’t want to talk about S.Z. here, but as he is an influential person, I just couldn’t help it.

Now… Let me tell you about our Social Media Expert Billy Boy. He had a Laser Eye Surgery on Monday. He was already facing some problems due to stress (maybe dedication), and then this tragedy occurred. He loves our Logo Design Office so much that he came to work the very next day. He has to wear glasses now though, but he doesn’t take any days off.

What a dedicated man Billy Boy is! He feels happy when we call him Billy ‘Boy’. He feels 35 years younger.

Anyway… do you remember Ars Alan Jr. who recently joined our Logo Design Office? Well, he couldn’t keep tragedies away from him either. Just yesterday morning, as he was getting off the bus, he tripped and fell. His knee was hurt badly. He couldn’t walk straight as he felt a lot of pain.

As I am a nice person, I gave him a ride… and dropped him off… close to his place. He couldn’t come to work today because of pain. I hope he gets better soon.

Our Jr. Content Writer Ms. Ana also faced a tragedy. Well, she wrote content for a client on Tuesday. The client gave a ‘little’ negative feedback and she felt very depressed. Even though it was a first-draft and it’s normal that clients ask for revisions, but she was very sad.

Let’s hope she gets better soon, because it was not a big deal, really.

Our very own Sunny is in tension as well. He was recently confirmed as a permanent employee and the thought of throwing a party for colleagues has been deteriorating his health even more.

As I am a nice person, all I want to say is that we don’t need a party. His health is more important to us. So what if he is stingy? We need to leave him alone.

Now, let’s talk about our IT Network boy Zee Shake. He got a hair-cut this week. He gets a hair-cut once in 6 months. So, this is a very honorable month now. His long hair served as an abode for lots of little insects, for example, little spiders, roaches, ants, and so on. Had he used some Shampoo in last 6 months, he could have got rid of them.

Well, keeping the jokes aside, how did he finally decide to get a hair-cut this month? Well, Tem and Aamir in design department actually collected some money, gave it to him and begged him to get a hair-cut.

But then… there are a couple of people who are really happy. They are: Al (Designer) and Ars Alan.

Around 6pm yesterday, Al saw me, said Hi to me. He was smiling and couldn’t keep his teeth inside his mouth. He was very happy. I need to sit with him and take a 5-minute interview. This way I’ll be able to share his ‘Secret to Happiness’ with others.

Why is Ars Alan happy? Well, he is getting married today. I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend his marriage ceremony, but I’ll try my best.

Let’s hope and pray that things get better for everyone.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Happy and Sad Day in Logo Design Office

Today, we heard an awesome news in our logo design office that our very own Mr. Accountant has been blessed with a son.

When Billy Boy told me in the morning, I thought he was joking. So, I directly asked Mr. Accountant. As I entered the cafeteria, he saw me and came to me.

I said hi to him and asked him, “I heard something today… Is it right?”

He replied, “Yes.”

So, I congratulated him. He looked happy and, of course, he should be.

We all pray for his little ‘toy’ that May he be blessed with sound health and happiness.

Now, having said that…We noticed a sad person in our logo design office too and he was no other than our SEO dude Sunny.

Sunny is a jolly good fellow but he looked really sad. I wondered what happened to him.

So, as I am a nice person, I thought I should ask him.

I went to him and asked, “Hey Sunny Bunny, today you don’t look funny. What’s up mate? Who beat you up today?”

He took a deep breath and said, “Nah man, nothing. No beating today. I am fine.”

I realized something was not right.

I said nicely, “Sunny, you don’t look ok to me. If something is bothering you, you can share with me. You know how I have helped out S.Z. and Billy Boy in the past. I am sure I will be able to help you as well.”

Sunny looked at me and said, “I don’t know if I should tell you or not. But, yes, you are right. I am sad today.”

I said, “We all feel sad Sunny. So, it’s normal. But, you need to tell me what is bothering you so I will try to help you. If you are taking drugs, then still tell me.”

Sunny said, “No, I don’t take drugs. Even though my health has been deteriorating and I am shrinking day by day, but I assure you that I am not on drugs.”

He continued, “It’s just that I wonder when I’ll become a husband.”

He looked down after saying that. Maybe he was trying to hold his tears.

After a few seconds he again took a deep breath and said, “When I was in school, my friends used to dream about becoming doctors, pilots and engineers, but I always dreamed about becoming a husband.”

Now, I realized why he was sad.

I wondered why in the world then he became an SEO.

But…As I am a nice person, I didn’t say this to him.

I said, “Sunny, listen. You have been infected by Bachelor-o-phobia just like S.Z. I didn’t know it was so contagious.”

Sunny stayed quiet for a few seconds and then said, “Yes, you are right. I am talking like S.Z. now.”

As I had to console him, I said, “No Sunny. You never talked like this before. So, you seem to be in the initial stages. With proper meditation as well as medication, I am sure you will start feeling normal soon. Hey, it’s good to get married, but feeling sad like this is not good buddy, this is what you need to take care of.”

Sunny again took a deep breath… But this time Billy Boy screamed and said, “This is enough Sunny. Stop breathing like this.” Then Billy Boy picked up an air-freshener and started spraying.

I thanked Billy Boy in my heart, but didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to hurt Sunny’s feelings.

Let’s hope Sunny gets better soon.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Amazing Ars Alan Jr.

I have got to share an amazing news with you all today. A few days ago I had told everyone that Ars Alan was getting married and S.Z. was really sad. Well, guess what… We have another Ars Alan in the department and he is not married either… just like S.Z.

We call him Ars Alan Jr. What a coincidence!

He is older than Ars Alan, but junior in position. So, our Assistant Manager S.Z. can now look up to him and console himself.

Ars Alan Jr. has some amazing qualities. One unique quality is that he can predict an adversity long before it occurs. Three weeks ago, when he joined our logo design office, he told us that something terrible would happen. He advised us all to be cautious. He was walking and running here and there in anxiety (as though he had an upset stomach).

He even went home early and told us to follow his footsteps.

Would you guys like to know how right he was and what happened that day?

The answer is: Nothing! Yes, nothing happened that day.

But…I tell you…He is an amazing person.

He is very knowledgeable and makes claims that the masters in his industry won’t even make. (Yes, he is that good).

Not only he is good at what he does, he also tries to help out Billy Boy (who is recovering from a unique illness) by advising him how he can improve his campaigns. Does Billy follow his instructions? Well, only Billy can answer this question.

Why am I telling everyone about Ars Alan Jr. today?

Well, because, today, he told me again that something bad would happen.


My car took a long time to start in the morning. I hope it starts in the evening when I get off. I hope he didn’t give me a signal that something would happen to my car.

What will happen? Will something happen to him or someone else?

Ars Alan Jr. doesn’t even know the answer. I hope the same thing happens again, like last time, i.e. Nothing!